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為1對1或小團班課程訓練區域,這裡寬敞舒適, 有功能性大草皮及足夠的蹲舉架。不懂的動作,教練就在你旁邊!眼看、手做、嘴問!






  1. 凡使用本中心健身房場地之個人或團體,均應遵守本中心相關管理規定。
  2. 禁止非本中心教學課程以外之教學或訓練行為。
  3. 此區域採預約制使用,無對外開放。
  4. 學員需自主訓練,也請事先請教練進行預約,使用時遵守健身房及重量訓練相同規範。
  5. 禁止攜帶違禁品、毒品、槍械及爆裂物等進入。
  6. 身體不適、飯後1小時內及飲酒後請勿入場運動。
  7. 若患有不適合激烈運動之疾病(如心臟病、高血壓、氣喘等)或身體狀態(如懷孕)者,禁止自行預約使用。
  8. 發生身體不適之狀況,請即刻停止運動,並尋求本中心人員協助。
  9. 私人物品請自行妥善保管,如有遺失自行負責。
  10. 健身器材設施應愛惜使用,如有故意破壞或損壞應照價賠償。
  11. 本中心教練擁有上課優先權,自主訓練之學員應主動禮讓。
  12. 違反規定且屢勸不聽者,本中心得拒絕提供服務及日後預約。


  1. All individuals or groups using the gym space of the Center shall abide by the relevant management regulations of the Center.
  2. Teaching or training other than the teaching curriculum of the Center is prohibited.
  3. This area is reserved and is not open to the public.
  4. Students need to train independently, please also ask the instructor to make an appointment in advance, and follow the same rules as gym and weight training when using it.
  5. It is forbidden to bring contraband, drugs, firearms and explosives.
  6. If you are unwell, please refrain from entering the sports room for 1 hour after eating or after drinking alcohol.
  7. If you have a disease (such as heart disease, high blood pressure, asthma, etc.) or physical condition (such as pregnancy) that is not suitable for strenuous exercise, it is forbidden to make an appointment by yourself.
  8. If you are unwell, please stop exercising immediately and seek assistance from our staff.
  9. Please keep your personal belongings safe and responsible for any loss.
  10. Fitness equipment and facilities should be used sparingly, and compensation should be paid according to the price if there is intentional damage or damage.
  11. The instructor of the center has the priority to attend class, and students who train independently should take the initiative to show courtesy.
  12. If you violate the rules and repeatedly discourage you, the Centre may refuse to provide services and make future reservations.